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★ SSE unveiled modernized PAKCI P2 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Indonesia-based society Sentra Surya Ekajaya (SSE) chose the 6th InfoDefence Expo & Forum exhibition, which is held from 5-8 November in Jakarta, to introduce a modernized version of its PAKCI P2 Armoured Personnel Carrier. http://www.armyrecognition.com/images/stories/asia/indonesia/defence_exhibition/indodefence_2014/news/pictures/SSE_unveiled_modernized_PAKCI_P2_Armoured_Personnel_Carrier_at_IndoDefence_2014_640_001.jpgSSE PAKCI P2 Armoured Personnel Carrier at IndoDefence 2014

PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya is an Indonesian company specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing light armoured vehicles, as well as repowering, customization, armoring and reparation of used military vehicles. SSE offers wide range of tactical armoured vehicles, such as P2 Komando Light Reconnaissance/Command and Control Vehicle and the P2 APC Armored Personnel Carrier.

Based on Indonesian Military and Special Forces' feedback, this modernized PAKCI P2 APC is totally designed and manufactured by SSE. The vehicle is a 4x4 type equipped with a Renault 4-cylinder engine, which gives a 215hp power output. Gearbox is automatic with 5 forward and 1 reverse speeds. PAKCI P2 APC has two fuel tanks for a total capacity of 200 litres, which allows a max range of 600 km without fuelling.

PAKCI APC is based on an all-welded monocoque hull, providing a Level 1 STANAG 4569 ballistic protection level, which allows protection against 7.2x51 mm NATO ball attack. The PAKCI P2 APC weighs 7,500 Kg, and can carry up to 1,000 Kg payload.
http://www.armyrecognition.com/images/stories/asia/indonesia/defence_exhibition/indodefence_2014/news/pictures/SSE_unveiled_modernized_PAKCI_P2_Armoured_Personnel_Carrier_at_IndoDefence_2014_640_002.jpgSSE PAKCI P2 Armoured Personnel Carrier at IndoDefence 2014

The PAKCI P2 APC can carry 8 soldiers with complete equipment in addition of the crew (2).

The PAKCI APC variant shown at IndoDefence is equipped with a roof-mounted protected turret armed with 7.62 mm machine gun, but according to SSE, remote weapon station with similar or bigger calibre can also be mounted above. This vehicle has also 9 gun ports: 4 right, 4 left and 1 rear.

The vehicle features complete air conditioning as well as coil spring suspension and front-mounted electric winch.

SSE PAKCI P2 APC is also declined in three others variants: PACKI VIP/VVIP, PAKCI VIP Escort (with roof-mounted protected turret for machine gun), and PAKCI Ambulance variant.

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