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★ Pindad of Indonesia unveils Anoa-2 6x6 armored personnel carrier with LCT20 turret 20mm cannon

At IndoDefence 2014, Pindad presents a new version of its ANOA-2 6x6 armoured vehicle personnel carrier fitted with a Denel's LCT20 turret armed with a 20mm cannon. PT. PINDAD is an Indonesian government owned manufacturing industry specializing in military and commercial products. Indonesian-made 6x6 armoured personnel carrier fitetd with Denel LCT-20 turret at IndoDefence 2014 Tri-service defence exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Anoa-2 was unveiled for the first time to the public at Indodefence 2010. The all-welded steel monocoque hull of the Anoa-2 provides ballistic protection Level 3 NATO STANAG 4569. The vehicle is also protected against shell splinters.

The vehicle can carry a total of 12 soldiers including commander, driver, gunner and 9 infantrymen.

The Anoa-2 is motorized with a Renault MIDR 062045 inline 6 cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine coupled to a ZF S6HP502 automatic transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse speed. The Anoa-2 can run at a maximum road speed of 90 km with a maximum cruising range of 600 km.

With its new LCT20 turret, the vehicle increases its fire power and can be used as infantry fighting vehicle. The LCT-20 is a two-man turret with day/night sight and range finding capability. The turret is designed and manufactured by the South African Company Denel. The LCT-20 is armed with a 20mm automatic cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun mounted at the left side of the main armament.

For the Anoa-2, another 7.62mm machine gun is mounted at the top left hatch of the turret to increase the self-protection of the vehicle. In 2011, Denel has expanded the day and night fighting capabilities of its LCT20 turret by integrating an advanced electro-optical sighting package for both the commander and gunner.

The gunner's sight consists of three integral elements and is mounted to the elevation cradle directly above the centre line of the main weapon barrel. A user interface on the Gunner Colour Display Panel with the requisite mode selection controls on the screen and incorporating the ballistic tables for the main and co-axial weapons. These range tables are selectable by the gunner.

The gunner sight consists of the Laser Range Finder, Thermal Imaging Sight and an electronic zoom-able day camera. These functions are all selectable from the Gunner Display Panel.

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