Selasa, 11 November 2014

★ Pindad increases its Komodo 4x4 tactical vehicles range with a new Recon variant

IndoDefence 2014, which is held at Jakarta from 5 to 8 of November, has been chosen by Pindad to highlight a new light armored tactical vehicle focused on recon missions, the Komodo Recon. The Komodo is a specific armored vehicle that enables ground troops to conduct operations that requires high maneuverability. Pindad's Komodo Recon variant at IndoDefence 2014

The Komodo is equipped with bulletproof body and has a defending capability through its 7.62 mm turret-mounted machine gun. Komodo has been deployed for Indonesian Army Special Forces (Kopassus) and Indonesian Police Special Forces (Brimob). PT Pindad has secured strategic partnership with foreign companies for a better armament system. The partnership has resulted satisfactory performance for the end-users.

The new Komodo Recon variant is a 4x4 light armored tactical vehicle based on the well-known Renault Trucks Defense's Sherpa chassis. Equipped with full automatic transmission and a Renault's 4-cylinder engine, which allows a power range of 230Hp, the Komodo has a max speed of 80km/h. Thanks to a fuel tank capacity of 165 liter, Komodo Recon's maximum range extends up to 450km. Pindad's Komodo Recon variant at IndoDefence 2014

KKomodo Recon armor consists in bullet proof steel and 38 mm bullet proof glass. The Recon variant weighs 7,500 kg and has a payload capacity of max 1,500 kg. It can carry up to 5 soldiers with complete equipment. Komodo Recon can be outfitted with a 7.62 mm or a 12.7 mm turret-mounted machine gun.

Pindad new recon vehicle has a length of 5.4 m, a width of 2.3 m and a hidth of 2.2 m. It can cross trenchs and fords of max 0.75m depth.

Indonesian Armed Forces have placed an order for 40 vehicles, which 8 has already been delivered. Indonesian Military also shown interest for a Komodo mobile artillery command post variant and has signed a new contract for 56 Komodo special platform vehicles, which will be delivered by 2015 and equipped with MBDA's Mistral surface-to-air missile platform.

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