Rabu, 12 November 2014

★ IPCD presents home-made Unmanned Aerial Vehicles "Tactical" and "Surveyor"

IndoDefence Expo and Forum always represents a unique opportunity for small Indonesian manufacturer to demonstrate their technological expertise in many defense industry domains. This is why Indonesian company PT Indo Pacific Communication & Defence has chosen IndoDefence 2014 to present two lightweight UAV: the Tactical and the Surveyor. Tactical UAV System is a low cost reconnaissance unmanned aerial system designed to support troop movements on battlefield, or others users needing short distance "over the hill" observation.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Tactical's max speed can rise 80 Km/h, and 40 Km/h in cruise speed. Tactical UAV has an operational range of 5 km and an operational altitude of 500 m.

In addition of its function for the military, Tactical UAV is also beneficial for commercial use. Tactical UAV specializes in aerial surveillance of large aera, such as ; plantation mapping and inspection, aerial photography, road patrol and urban security.

Tactical UAV provides real-time video with fast response time, and also requires minimal operational personnel (2). The system includes Ground Control System, Autopilot and Payload Options, with a max payload of 0.5 Kg.
Surveyor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at IndoDefence 2014 The Surveyor UAV is a compact, low operating cost, high mobility unmanned aerial system capable for both military and commercial applications. Surveyor UAV provides short range (up to 30 km), low altitude (max 1,000 m), real-time aerial observation, surveillance and reconnaissance. Surveyor UAV's advanced system provides a reliable communication link, modular design, high mobility and self-contained support. The system includes autopilot, video transmitter and customized payload options.

It can be perfectly used in numerous different operations, such as target locator, short battle damage acquisition and target correction for artillery and air force.

The second IPCD's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle weighs 6 Kg but has superior capabilities in term of payload (max 1 kg). Its cruise speed varies from 60 to 100 Km/h.

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