Sabtu, 20 Februari 2016

Kongsberg Maritime completes delivery of bridge simulators to Indonesian Navy

A view of Kongsberg's simulator for the Indonesian Navy. [courtesy of Kongsberg Maritime AS]

Kongsberg Maritime has delivered and installed a suite of new bridge simulators for Indonesia's Ministry of Transportation.

The Ministry's Maritime Training Centre will use the new simulators to assess the Indonesian seafarer's operational readiness to be deployed for local and international operations.

The new simulators will support the Ministry of Transportation in reducing the time taken and the tools required to assess Indonesian seafarers.

Kongsberg had won the contract to supply its K-Sim Polaris simulator to the Indonesian Navy by means of a competitive tender.

Under the contract, Kongsberg has supplied 1 x DNV GL A compliant full mission bridge simulator with 240° Field of View and ten x part task simulators.

The simulator will feature 26 bridges and eight instructor stations integrated into the same unit and will be equipped with set of real instruments for merchant marine and navy application.

The contract consists of a five-year long term simulator support programme (LTSSP) which allows Kongsberg's new generation bridge simulator technology platform K-Sim Navigation to be migrated to higher platform.

Additionally, the company will develop new simulator models and exercise areas as part of its delivery.

Kongsberg Maritime area sales manager Asraf Ibrahim said: "The contract reflects the growing importance of having a realistic simulated vessel navigation and communications environment to support the quality of assessment.

"Ultimately, our simulators can reduce operational costs for the training and assessment organisation, and the shipowners, while improving maritime safety and efficiency by supporting seafarers to work with more knowledge and proficiency."

In July 2014, Kongsberg Maritime had been contracted by UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, to deliver significant upgrades and extensions to the bridge simulators of its existing ship.

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