Jumat, 15 April 2016

Indonesian Air Force Special Forces Showcase New Light Tactical Vehicle

✈ New light tactical vehicle for Bravo 90 [Ijal Lubis]

The Indonesian Air Force special forces showcase new light tactical vehicle.

Members of the Bravo Detachment 90 (Indonesian special force) showcase their skills and showcase new light tactical vehicle 4×4. The successful completion of any mission requires a vehicle that is battle-tested and proven to maximize maneuverability and enhance crew safety.

The new light tactical vehicle has the versatility to fulfill the needs of all types of special forces tactical operations, providing the performance, durability and mobility to ensure the success of missions.

The Bravo Detachment 90 is a Special Operations unit whose personnel are specialists recruited and chosen from the Indonesian Air Force special forces which is the Paskhas.

It is the youngest special operations unit of the Indonesian Air Force. The unit specialises in the paralysing of the enemy’s heavy equipment.

The unit specialise in hostage rescue involving hijacked aircraft.

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