Kamis, 06 April 2017

Thales Strengthens Relationship with PT Len in Indonesia

Thales and PT Len extend MoU for further cooperation in combat management systems. MoU paves the way for greater collaboration and transfer-of-technology on combat systems' integration. Strengthened partnership and technology transfer is aligned with Indonesia's ambitions of developing local industrial expertise for maintenance of its defence equipment.A PKR class frigate [Damen]

State-owned electronics company PT Len reaffirms confidence in Thales with the extension of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for further cooperation in combat management systems in Indonesia.

A first MoU was signed on August 26, 2014 which covered transfer of knowledge on combat management system development as well as Combat System Integration.

The extension of the existing MoU will strengthen cooperation between the two parties in areas of collaboration that will include further research and development in combat management systems, as well as the specific transfer of technology for the Thales TACTICOS CMS and other combat systems' integration. This will enable PT Len to develop its own capabilities for the software maintenance of the system throughout its life cycle.

In Indonesia, Thales works closely with key local partners in various fields, including air defence radars, ship-borne combat management systems, C5i and maritime surveillance. PT Len is Thales's main partner for STARStreak and has also cooperated with Thales in the transfer-of-technology for naval Combat Management Systems (CMS).

Thales and PT Len in Indonesia have been partners for many years and began working on the frigate programme for the Indonesian Navy in 2012. In this programme, Thales is supplying the TACTICOS Combat Management System, the SMART-S Mk2 surveillance radar, the STIR 1.2 Mk2 EO fire control system, the KINGKLIP sonar, the LINK-Y datalink, as well as its naval communication and navigation systems. The first of the two PKR frigates was delivered, on schedule, to the Indonesian Ministry on Defence in early February this year.

Thales' work in local transfer-of-technology is aligned with Indonesia's ambitions of developing its local industrial capabilities in services and support, thereby allowing the country to be more self-sufficient in the provision and maintenance of defence equipment.

Leonard Greindl, Country Director, Thales in Indonesia:

"The extension of the existing MoU we have with PT Len is testament to the confidence our local partners have in Thales' services and underscores our commitment to developing capabilities in the local industry."

"We value the trust our customers have placed in us, and through our long-standing relationship with PT Len, Thales remains committed to supporting the Indonesian Navy as it modernises its fleet."


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